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Ready to COPE

Ready to COPE (RTC) is written for new or expectant parents. The purpose of RTC is to empower and comfort readers with trustworthy and credible information. The emails are sent based on baby’s due date, so that the information is relevant when it is received. Furthermore, the RTC emails are tailored to mothers and fathers so that each receives information relevant to them.

Ready to COPE will provide:

  • Insights and understanding of the range of emotions you may feel during pregnancy and early parenthood;
  • Useful and practical strategies to support and maintain your emotional wellbeing, including how to get help for yourself or someone you know who may be struggling;
  • Increased awareness of the common mental health conditions during pregnancy and early parenthood; and
  • Personal stories from other men and women regarding their experience with emotional and mental health challenges during the perinatal period.

Ready to COPE is underpinned by the Australian National Clinical Guideline and is therefore evidence-based and trustworthy. For more information and to sign up click below.

Resources to support uptake of Ready to COPE in your setting

To support the uptake of Ready to COPE in your setting, downloadable posters are available free of charge from here.

Simply print out one of the posters and place it in a visible spot in your community, healthcare or workplace setting. You can also share our digital images across your website, e-newsletters and social media accounts.


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